08.15 Registration & Breakfast

09.00 Opening Remarks Adrian J Cotterill

09.30 Eric Sondag | Partner | Searchlight Capital and Ross Honey | President & COO | TouchTunes – In Conversation with Co-Chair Adrian J. Cotterill

10.00 OOH and M&A – A Look Ahead | Mark Boidman | Managing Director | Peter J Solomon Company

Robust OOH industry outlook is being driven by factors such as the stability in macro fundamentals, technology now being viewed as a friend and  the penetration of digital ubiquity of mobile. The challenges that the OOH Industry now faces are: defending / taking share of advertising spend, measurability and demonstrating clear ROI for advertising clients, the ease of buying and buyers and sellers resisting change.

10.30 Networking and Coffee

11.00 The Power of Place-based Intelligence | Monica Ho | CMO | xAd Inc.

Uber, Tinder and Yelp are raising the bar on immediate service delivery and changing consumers’ expectations. Shoppers as well, now expect in-the-moment, personalized, relevant experiences, whether purchasing products online or browsing the aisles of a brick-and-mortar retailer.
xAd is the leading location platform that enables marketers to reach the right people based on the real places they visit every day.
Find out why the combination of big screen (outdoor message) and small screen (mobile ad) impact, delivered with location-based relevance, amplifies the effect of each media and find out why OUTFRONT Media. Inc. signed on as an official xAd MarketPlace beta partner in March 


11.30 How Start Ups Are Innovating New Ways to Reach Consumers | Randolph K. Adler Jr | Partner, Co-chair, Startup Program | Dentons LLP

Pokémon GO was the app that changed the way people interact with the world around them, mobilizing millions to experience new parts of their towns and cities but as an AR experience it is also something that Randy, a forward thinker and visionary if ever there was one, told the DailyDOOH Conference last year.

Find out once again how data, AR and a few of his other startups are continuing to create new opportunities to reach consumers in new ways. 

12:00 What Can Investors and Media Owners Learn About Generating Revenue via the Display (IPTV and Tablets) to Captive Consumers | Randy Dearborn | Vice-President | MGM Resorts International

Randy Dearborn, Vice-President, Multimedia Technologies at MGM Resorts and also current chairman of the Digital Signage Federation has been running digital signage networks since 1993, starting with a skunkworks set-up at Treasure Island in Las Vegas to what is now a 62,000 screen deployment for MGM Resorts International across the globe. MGM Resorts International is a collection of resort-casinos, retail and residential living and has a wealth of experience in retail, guest rooms, theaters and sports arenas.

Everything Randy and his team do is based on data and measurement.
Listen to his advice on how to use analytics to generate revenue and really connect with customers.

12.30 Networking & Lunch

13.45 Innovation 2017: Connecting Data, Devices, Sensory and Solutions | Laura Davis-Taylor | EVP, Customer Experience | MaxMedia

Retail today is faced with a totally new customer, living in an ever-changing transactional landscape—and the only thing we can count on is more change. How, then, should today’s leaders address it? What technologies, what content, what unique experiences, what amount of investment and what measurement tools? The choices are endless, full of risk and make innovation a daunting task. But to innovate, you must first understand what you’re dealing with and how to set yourself up for success.

With 20 years of in-store digital experience across multiple strategic roles, Laura’s viewpoints are hard earned and passionately espoused, Laura will share with you (1) today’s new shopper;  (2) what’s happening beneath the surface of their experiences and expectations; and (3) how to think like a CXO to digitally motivate and measure them.  

We know that this session will give you an elevated springboard for 2017 and beyond.

14.15 Lost and Found: The Rise, Fall and Renewal of PRN | Kevin Carbone | CEO | PRN

In the late 1990’s, PRN launched a new industry – in-store media – and quickly built a reputation as an industry pioneer.  By 2007, PRN had grown to over $150M in annual revenue, had built a premier portfolio of retail customers, and was considered the undisputed industry leader.  Just seven years later, however, PRN had shrunk by two-thirds and its future viability was in question.

PRN CEO Kevin Carbone will discuss the business and history of PRN – its rise to a position of industry leadership, its subsequent decline and contraction, and its re-invention as a mission-driven retail solutions company within Stratacache.  Kevin will describe the conditions that fuelled PRN’s early growth and success, the mistakes and circumstances that led to its ultimate decline, and the key fundamental changes driving its rebirth and rapid growth.

14:45 Investing in the London Audience | John Pizzamiglio | Lead for Advertising Strategy Commercial Development Directorate | Transport for London

At first glance, Transport for London’s new partnership with Exterion Media is nothing remarkable. A few more transport opportunities added, a couple of sales initiatives incorporated and an encouraging new name and logo to take to market. But without digging too deeply you find that – from the transport network’s point of view at least – this is the first active example of TfL becoming the commercially astute organisation that it needs to be. In an era of negligible public funding, TfL were among the very first to realise that they had to derive more income from the considerable assets that they owned.

And the biggest asset that any transport network has is not their property portfolio, nor their retail opportunities, nor their advertising estate. It’s their customers. For TfL it is otherwise known as “The London Audience.”

For those interested on investing in the advertising economy – and by definition the digital advertising economy – perhaps they should follow the audiences, not the sales companies or the screen manufacturers.

Transport for London’s example could show you how.

15.15 Networking & Coffee Break

15:45 Why Investors Should Be Interested in SmartCities | Dirk Hülsermann | DeBere Capital Partners

SmartCities and the Internet of Things (IoT) are by far, two of the hottest topics in the technology world at the moment. Strategic opportunities abound, whether it be using modern technology to improve urban space or interacting with citizens to increase quality of life.

By 2025 we will see, over 26 groundbreaking SmartCities projects globally and with an expected market size of $1.5 trillion there are many reasons why investors and the out of home media owners who have embraced digital should sit up and take note.

16.15 Board Level Discussion on the Future of Digital of Out Home

  • François de Gaspé Beaubien | Chairman | DPAA
  • Randy Dearborn | Chairman | DSF
  • Kym Frank | President | Geopath
  • Clive Roux | CEO | SEGD

… In Conversation with Stephen Freitas | Chief Marketing Officer | OAAA

17:00 Chairman’s Wrap-up

17:15 Reception & Cocktail Party sponsored by Dentons

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